The Future of Medicine is Regenerative

We bring awareness to a powerful new treatment option for bone and joint pain. Orthobiologic cell-based treatments act therapeutically by augmenting and stimulating the body’s capacity for regeneration and self-repair.

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Annual Education Conference – What Our 2015 Attendees Had to Say

Accolades for the 2015 Conference

“I have been a Physician since 1978 and this concept has excited me more than I can ever remember in medicine”.

“Congratulations on the successful conference and workshop. It was beautifully orchestrated. I was certainly impressed with the presentations, nice venue, and the food. The lectures got us amped up on regenerative medicine and then the workshop actualized that inspiration.  I look forward to learning more about the great things to come” 

“The conference was simply amazing and it was an incredible experience. Thank you!”

“Thank you again for inviting me to the conference!  It is hard to believe that you can make it through medical school in 2015 and feel like you have never heard about an entire branch of modern medicine.  You and your team are doing some awesome stuff and no doubt will be on the forefront for years to come.”

“The IOF conference was AMAZING! I just wanted to say thank you again for coordinating everything and allowing me to have the opportunity to attend.  See you next year!”

“I just got home and wanted to express my gratitude being a part of this awesome conference. I know that I have benefited greatly from it and I know I will use this to treat the soldiers back home in DC.”