ACL Injury Prevention Program

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, is an important stabilizer in the knee that helps us withstand the cutting forces often sustained in our favorite sports.

For the average female athlete under the age of 20, the likelihood of a torn ACL is very high. This is largely a result of the increased angle between the hip and the knee, which is greater in girls than boys due to the shape of the pelvis. Moreover, female muscles typically require a longer period to fully develop, compounding the problem in young female athletes.

Sadly, an ACL injury can have you out of your favorite sport for up to a year, while you are healing and regaining strength and motion.

Are You at a Higher Risk for an ACL Injury? Perform the JUMP Test!

Take the Knee JUMP Test. Watch the Video Above to Learn More.

Knee injuries can happen to any athlete, on any playing field, at any age. No one is completely immune from suffering an ACL tear or other serious knee injury, but there are some theories to why certain populations are affected at higher rates.

Here is a simple, at-home test to determine if you or your athlete may be at an increased risk of injury.  This test is not meant to replace professional testing or advice from a healthcare specialist.

The Jump Test is commonly used to assess a young athlete’s knee alignment upon landing from a jump. This test helps identify improper technique and strength deficits. For instance, if a young athlete lands with knocked knees, this displays a high risk position for a knee injury and also shows possible hip strength deficits.

ACL Injury Prevention Program Exercises

Download Free Exercises That May Help Reduce Your Risk of ACL Injury!

If you’re wondering about things you can do to help prevent an ACL injury, we’ve provided some basic exercises below that are intended to help strengthen supporting joint tissue, increase flexibility and improve overall knee stability.

Download ACL Injury Prevention Exercises

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