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The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation was created as a not-for-profit (501)C(3) organization on January 27, 2015. The IOF’s primary function is to educate and serve as a resource to physicians and the public seeking to understand the growing field of interventional orthopedics.

The charitable purpose of the Interventional Orthopedics Foundation is to promote education and generate awareness in the following ways:

  1. The IOF believes it is essential to provide education and generate awareness about the ground breaking specialty of interventional orthopedics to both physicians and the general public. Through initiatives designed to reach out to all of the stakeholders in regenerative orthopedic medicine, the IOF has created programs to support the education of physicians, patients (including wounded warriors), and the general public.
    • An Annual Conference focuses on the current research surrounding percutaneous orthobiologics, which is expected to play a key role in the future of orthopedic medicine. The conference seeks to advance the field of interventional orthopedic regenerative medicine and healthcare innovation through the sharing of scientific discoveries, research, best practices, and business models. Along with regular physician attendees and to support physicians-in-training, the IOF provides financial support (stipend allowance) for 4-Year Residents and Fellow physicians to attend this conference. The number of stipends is determined by the Board of Directors each year.
    • The Knee ACL Injury Prevention Program for young female athletes provides help to those at-risk of knee ACL injuries through tools for early detection, education and support services.
    • Our Wounded Warrior Program provides grant funding to physicians for the optimal care of our nation’s wounded warriors and ultimately improves the clinical, functional and quality of life outcomes of service members who sustain high energy trauma to the extremities.
    • IOF Fellowship Grants offer funding for academic institutions providing education in regenerative interventional orthopedics. Although currently, there are only a handful of advanced fellowship training programs for physicians in this arena, the IOF will rank and award four grants per year total an amount of $100,000 to continually advance physician education.
  2. The Foundation intends to research, discover, measure and analyze clinical data and outcomes that will allow physicians to determine the best practices in interventional orthopedics as well as to promote the standardization of orthobiologic procedures so that outcomes can be accurately measured and compared.
    • The IOF will have a web page dedicated to in vitro research, summarizing the empirically-derived results from its in-house research laboratory. Our scientific findings are intended to help physicians determine the best course of interventional treatment as well as increase public understanding of the field.
    • The IOF maintains the Patient Registry Database, an independent, IRB approved, not-for-profit patient registry for the purpose of observational data collection.
  3. The Foundation will offer other entities interested in educating the public about interventional orthopedics access to its Conference Room and Education Facility, which will be maintained, managed and scheduled by the IOF staff.


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